INTU Blinds

   With the INTU Blind system the focus is once again on the fact that it is totally screw, hole and tools free when it comes to installation. As well as the usual uPVC double glazed window frames it can also be fitted onto boxed extrusion windows where the internal frame edge is squared as long as a sealing bead exists between the glass and window frame to enable the retaining brackets to be pushed in.

   A choice of four headrail colours are available – White, Silver, Brown and Anthracite, designed to fully integrate with most window systems, including tilt and turn windows and glazed doors. INTU blinds have a stylish, curved fascia snapped onto two corner brackets giving a sleek, modern appearance. Down each side is a retaining strip which is also secured at the bottom with a similar corner bracket, these side strips are colour co-ordinated to the top rail adding to the overall sturdiness and allowing tension to be achieved. The streamlined bottomrail completes the blind with style and elegance. Please remember that we will happily send you colour chips of the INTU rail colours together with blind fabric samples and colours totally free of charge so that you can judge quality and shading before placing your order.

   INTU does not have side channels, it is a suspended blind system and therefore you should expect slight side gape as the blind will be an exact width to the visible glass size, with the side retaining strip offering limited reduction of field of vision. However due to the tensioned operation effect this means that it can be fitted into much tighter and more compact situations than other types of blind systems, especially when the micro pleated and hive fabrics are chosen. Our innovative INTU range comes in Hive, Pleated, Roller, Venetian, Venetian Privacy and Micro; a modern blind system which is perfect for tilt and turn windows, glazed doors and conservatories. INTU Micro is also ideal for bi-fold doors

   INTU Pleated, Hive, Micro, Privacy and Venetian blinds fit neatly into the window. This innovative method of installation also makes them Child Safe, perfectly combining style and function. These easy to install products require no additional devices or considerations to comply with BS EN13120, giving you complete peace of mind.