Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit Blinds

  Perfect Fit is a frame based system where the blind in pleated, cellular or venetian form, sits within and is pre tensioned for operation. Available in White, Anthracite Grey, Golden Oak, Mahogany, Silver and Brown the solid yet lightweight aluminium perimeter frame is coloured to seamlessly integrate onto the popular pvc window colours and foils.

  Fitting of the frames is by way of clipping onto specifically depth sized brackets that are simply pushed behind the seal between the window glazing and its bevelled beading making it easily detachable when access and cleaning is required. At the same time due to this unique neat attachment the frame moves with the windows and doors when they are opened and closed providing a no footprint, shade and ventilation combination.

  Of course the Perfect Fit frame itself adds slightly to the visible glass size of the window, essentially the overhang is shy of 12mm around the perimeter and the protrusion off the window frame adds just under 10mm to enable the chosen blind to sit in the cavity between the glass and blind frame. So although there is a slight loss of internal glazing width the visual effect is less obtrusive than you would expect as the frame is co-ordinated to the window frame.

  Probably the ultimate main advantage of the Perfect Fit system is that the nature of the encasement frame allows for reduced gaps down the sides of the actual blind itself which eliminates a little extra light especially when hive blackout fabrics are incorporated and of course helps with privacy.

  Important to mention at this time, the Perfect Fit system itself is designed for the fact that it provides an easy, no screws, unobtrusive solution to blind fitting. It DOES NOT provide a total blackout functionality even when cellular blackout fabric it chosen. You will always have light seepage to varying degrees but total blackout is only available with full cassette type blinds that have to be fixed into a window recess