Terms & Conditions

Accuracy is the key to all of our products, this is why we require measurements to be in millimetres. You are purchasing a made to measure item and as such it is not possible to alter or amend mistakes that are made during the measurment process.

We therefore have to insist that the reponsibility for obtaining the correct measurments rests solely with the Customer and is subject to Distant Selling Regulations with this in mind. As the product is bespoke and custom made once the order is placed we are happy to accept cancellation within 72 hours of an order being made and a full refund will be give. Thereafter your order will enter the manufacturing process and wlll be taken to conclusion.

We offer free samples and as such will not accept that screen and monitor shades are differing which subsequently reflects in the end result. When a Customer does not take advantage of this free service it is a decision that requires a responsibility of mistake. WE CAN GUARANTEE THAT THE COLOURS AND SHADES THAT YOU ARE VIEWING ON YOUR METHOD OF BROWSING WILL NOT REFLECT TRUE FABRIC DEPTH as you have chosen on your viewing medium both brightness and contrast settings that you wish to view in, this will supercede the true colour that is presented originally. So please check fabrics and colours before placing and order, it is very important that you do so, we do not take responsibility where samples have not been requested and/or where third party samples are presumed and taken as being the same as those that we offer.

Obviously we will send your order out in a new and perfect condition, should mishaps happen during transit then we reserve the right to replace an item with new. Refunds will not be given as a first resolution. During remanufacture only the original sizes that are provided will be used, we will not redo and include alternative measurements. This is to eliminate false claims of damage.

We are happy to work with Customers wherever possible and by no means would we try and use these terms to hide behind our responsibilities so please, in the event of any problems outside of our direct cause, contact us in the first instance and if we are able to assist we will indeed try